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What are the check-in/check-out times?

Check-in is from 3pm; check-out is by 10am.
Check-out for guests staying in premium rooms is 11am.

*Our premium rooms are the sukiya-style cottages, rooms with private open-air baths, and Fujimidai special rooms.

*For guests whose plans include dinner, please check-in by 7:30pm.

*These times may vary according to different accommodation plans. If guests' plans stipulate special check-in or check-out times, those will take precedent over general times.

What are the service fees and taxes?

There is a consumption and bathing tax of 150 yen (this is a local tax for staying in an onsen facility.)
All room rates displayed on our website are inclusive of sales tax but do not include accommodation tax.
All service fees are also included in room rates.

Is it possible to send baggage ahead of arrival?

As long as we are notified in advance, we can accept baggage before guest arrival.
Please clearly label baggage with the following information:
c/o Kotohira Kadan
(Customer Name) Staying (date XX/XX)
〒766-0001 Kagawa-ken Nakatado-gun Kotohira-cho 1241-5
Phone: 0877-75-3232

For guests who can write in Japanese, please label this way:
琴平花壇 フロント気付
●● ●●様 宿泊日○月○日
〒766-0001 香川県仲多度郡琴平町1241-5
TEL. 0877-75-3232

Is there baggage storage available before check-in/after check-out?

Yes, please come to the Front and we can store your bags.

What are the cancellation fee rates?

All cancellations must be made at least 3 days in advance as outlined below:

  • Without notice………… 100% Room Fee
  • Same day ………… 100% Room Fee
  • 1 Day …………… 50% Room Fee
  • 2-3 Days ………….30% Room Fee
  • 4~14 days notice{H}………… 10% Room Fee

*{H} denotes holiday seasons: Dec. 31-Jan 2, May 3-5.

*Outside of holiday seasons, the cancellation policy comes into effect from 3 days notice.
Example: A cancellation for a July 18th 1-night stay canceled three days before on July 15th would be subject to a 30% fee.

*Some stay plans have special cancellation policies, so those will take priority over the general cancellation policy.

When is the cut-off for making changes to guest numbers and dinner courses?

Changes can be made up to three days before your stay for dinner courses and/or number of guests.

What amenities are included in guest rooms?

Wi-fi, Shower toilet, Humidifying air cleaner, Phone, Plasma TV, DVD/CD player, Refrigerator (mini-bar), Safe box, etc.

Hand towel, Bath towel, Yukata, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Hand soap, Hair dryer, Hair brush, Toothbrush, Cotton swabs, Men's Amenities (Razor), etc.

Amenities by Room Type/Floor

1) Our premium rooms are equipped with espresso machines, and included amenities are body towels, bath robes, and face pack masks.
The following rooms are premium rooms:
•Sukiya-Style Cottages (choseiden, enjukaku, sentei)
•Fujimidai (japanese-western room with open-air bath, japanese room with open-air bath, twin room with open-air bath, special japanese-western room)
•Sansuikaku (japanese-western room with open-air bath type A, japanese-western room with open-air bath type B, japanese-western room with open-air bath type C)

2) In rooms for more than 6 guests, a hot water pot is included. For rooms of under 5 guests, an electric kettle is provided.

What sort of items are available for rental?

The following items may be borrowed for free.
Quantities are limited, so there may be times when these are not readily available. Thank you for your understanding.

Rental Items:
Pillow (feather pillow, foam pillow, powder beads pillow, ergonomic pillow, character pillow), Nail clipper, Thermometer, First aid kit, Ice pack, Hot water bottle, Electric fan, Fan heater, Sewing set, Clothes iron & board, Pants press, Bluetooth speakers, Walking jacket, Walking shoes, Solar-powered light pole, Hair tonic, Water lotion, Extension cord, Power adapter, Cell phone/smartphone charger

Children's Rental Items:
Bassinet seat, Bumbo seat, Diaper trash bin, Baby soap, Baby bath, Baby bath chair

Is there internet connectivity in guest rooms?

All guest rooms are equipped with wi-fi.
The internet can be used on all smartphones, tablets, and Ethernet-capable laptops.
There is also an internet-accessible computer in Shogetsu Terrace on the third floor.

*Wi-fi network names and passwords can be found in each guest room.

Are there humidifiers/air purifiers in guest rooms?

All rooms are equipped with combination humidifiers/air purifiers.

Are the open-air baths in guest rooms onsen hot spring baths?

The bath water in all open-air bath rooms comes from "Kotohira Chikoin Onsen".

What are the hours of the main onsen spa?

Our main onsen spa "Kissho no Yu" is located on the third floor of Fujimidai.
The hours are as follows:

1pm~12am; 5am~10am

What are the properties and mineral content of the onsen spa?

We use waters from Kotohira Chikoin Onsen, which is part of the Konpira Onsen complex.

Source: Kotohira Chikoin Onsen
Water Properties: Light Radon Cold Mineral Spring (Light Alkaline Cold Spring)
Effective for: neuralgia, muscle pain, joint aches, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, digestive disorders, piles, sensitivity to cold, illness recovery, fatigue, general health improvement, gout, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, chronic cholecystitis, gallstones, chronic skin disease, chronic gynecological ailments

Are there towels in the main onsen spa?

Face and bath towels can be found in the entrance to the baths. Please feel free to use them if needed.

Can pregnant people use the onsen?

Yes, however, because the floor is often wet in the spa, please exercise caution when walking to and from the bath. Pregnancy can also cause changes in skin sensitivity, so it is possible that the spa waters may cause reactions. Please use your best judgement when bathing.
Also please avoid spending an extended time in the bath.

Is there any on-site aesthetic salon?

ASHIYA BANKUNMEI, a Thai Traditional Massage salon, is located in our garden. Often called "yoga done by two", this mysterious relaxation technique has been passed down for centuries.
*Time slots at the massage salon are on a first-come first-served basis. We recommend making a reservation to ensure your service.

Is there on-site karaoke?

There is a karaoke room on the first floor of Shogetsu Terrace. The rate is 3,190 yen per hour.
*Time slots at the massage salon are on a first-come first-served basis. We recommend making a reservation to ensure your service.
*Pricing includes tax.

Is there a ping-pong table?

There is a ping-pong (table tennis) table on the first floor of Shogetsu Terrace. Paddle and ball sets are available to rent for 550 yen per 30 minutes.
*Time slots at the massage salon are on a first-come first-served basis. We recommend making a reservation to ensure your service.
*Pricing includes tax.

What are the restaurant hours?

Our main dining facility, KEYAKI, is located on the second floor of Shogetsu Terrace.
The hours are as follows:

Dinner Time 6pm~10pm (last order: food 8pm, drink 10pm)
Breakfast Time 7am~9:30am (last order 9am)

I have some food allergies; can my dining plan be adjusted?

As much as possible, we will try to accommodate all allergies and dietary restrictions (especially in religious cases).
However, we are unable to make last-minute menu changes, so we require advanced notice to adjust dining plans.
In some cases, especially in those with life-threatening consequences, after consulting with our chefs, we may have to refuse some adjustment requests.
Still, we want our guests to have the best possible experience dining with us, so even in instances of severe food aversion, please don't hesitate to consult with us about your dining plan.
Though ultimately our chefs will make the final decisions, we will take every consideration regarding guests' requirements.

Can we order separate dinner courses?

We ask that all guests in a group have the same dinner course.
*It is possible to make special arrangements for allergies and other dietary requirements.

Can we eat meals in our rooms?

Guests staying in the following rooms will have meals served in-room.

  • Sukiya-Style Cottages/Choseiden
  • Sukiya-Style Cottages/Enjukaku
  • Fujimidai/Japanese-Western Room with open-air bath
  • Fujimidai/Japanese Room with open-air bath

*For guests staying in Fujimidai Japanese rooms, dining locations differ by stay plan. Please be sure to reserve a plan with in-room dining if that is your preference.

*For guests staying in Fujimidai Special Western-Japanese rooms, our staff usually chooses where meals will be served based on availability. If you wish to have meals in your room, please let us know before your stay.

*Guests staying in other rooms will usually have meals in our main dining room "KEYAKI", or in other designated private rooms or banquet facilities.

Where is breakfast served?

Breakfast is served either in our main dining KEYAKI, private dining rooms, banquet facilities, or in guest rooms.

*Breakfast arrangements depend on stay plans, room type, and number of guests.

Breakfast Time 7am~9:30am (last order 9am)

How many children are covered by the soi-ne policy?

We allow this policy for the same number of adults in the room (e.g. 2 parents in a room allows 2 children to stay without charge in accordance with our soi-ne policy.)

What rental items are there for small children?

Items available to check out for guests with children are as follows.

Bassinet Seat
Bumbo Seat
Diaper trash bin
Baby Soap
Baby bath
Baby bath chair

*Each of these items are limited in number and subject to availability.

I will need to heat milk/formula to feed my child; can I do this during dinner time?

We can help with heating up milk and baby food if needed, so please feel free to reach out to a member of our staff at any time.

*We can help with cleaning and disinfecting baby bottles.

Are wheelchairs available to borrow?

There some at the front, but numbers are limited, so please mention at the time of reservation to ensure availability.

Are there any barrier-free guest rooms?

We have one barrier-free twin room on the third floor of Shogetsu Terrace. There is a ramp in the entrance, and the interior flooring is all flat.

Are your facilities barrier-free?

While our entire facility is not barrier-free, it is possible for wheelchairs to access our entryway, lobby front, garden lounge, and main spa. There is a staircase leading to our main dining room KEYAKI, and the garden areas connecting our sukiya-style cottages have uneven walking surfaces. Our main building, Shogetsu Terrace, and the Fujimidai guest room building are all wheelchair-accessible.

Is there a parking lot?

There is a large parking lot that can hold up to 40 vehicles across the street from Kotohira Kadan's main entrance.
As it is an open parking lot, there is no vehicle height limit.

For guests using car navigation systems: Please use the phone number 0877-75-3232 to set your destination.

Is there a pick-up service?

We offer free shuttle bus service between Kotohira Kadan and JR Kotohira/Kotoden Kotohira stations. Shuttles can be reserved the same day, so please contact us with your arrival details.

TEL. +81-(0)877-75-3232(Operator)

What payment methods are accepted at the hotel?

The following payment methods are accepted:

Cash/Electronic Cash(PayPay/Alipay)
Credit Card(VISA/JCB/American Express/Master/Diners Club/Unionpay)

Is there currency exchange on site?

We are very sorry, but we are unable to exchange currency in our hotel.

Are there vending machines on site?

There is a vending machine with various drinks available in the entrance of our main onsen spa Kissho no Yu.

Are there any special services for birthdays or anniversaries?

For guests whose birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or other speical occasions fall within 2 weeks of their stay, we offer a complimentary original drink and commemorative photo.
As add-ons to stay plans, champagne, cakes, and other surprises can be arranged ahead of time at various price levels.



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