Abundant Nature in Kagawa

Kagawa may be the smallest prefecture in Japan by area, but within that compact space lies a dynamic landscape brimming with natural beauty. From Chichibugahama's sea mirror to Kankakei Gorge's aeons old geologic wonders, there are many breathtaking spots to see. Nature preserves and public parks also provide lush, green space around every corner.


Step Outside the Everyday
Enveloped in Nature's Beauty

01. Sanuki through the LensKagawa is full of beautiful spots to take memorable photos. Find the perfect angle for nature shots, and take Kagawa's gorgeous scenery home with you.

02. Experience Kagawa's Natural World at Sanuki FujiMount Iinoyama, known as Sanuki Fuji, is not only gorgeous to look at but also fun for a low-impact climb. There are three different trails that are beginner-friendly, and with a height of only 442m, the ascent is quick and fun.

03. Experience the seasonal beauty at local parksSanuki Manno Park, Shikoku's only state-run park facility, and Ritsurin Garden are both beautiful places to visit any time of the year thanks to well-curated seasonal flowers and plants. Both parks have many seasonal events, so any time is a great time to visit.

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Explore Sanuki/Nature

image:Kotohira-gu Shrine

Kotohira-gu Shrine

Kotohira-cho/ 40 min. walk (to the main shrine)

Kotohira-gu Shrine, known by its nickname Konpira-san, has been a beloved tourist spot for hundreds of years, and visitors come to pray to the god of the sea for many blessings, including luck in business. In spring, visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms, and in autumn beautiful foliage. Natural beauty can be found in all corners of the shrine.

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image:Sanuki Manno Park

Sanuki Manno Park

Manno-cho/15 min. by car

Shikoku's only state-run park, Manno Park is known for its seasonal beauty. In spring, cheerful daffodils and tulips color the landscape, and summer brings hydrangeas, autumn cosmos, and even in winter, Christmas roses lend cheer to the cold season. Whenever you visit, you are sure to find breathtaking beauty. There are many things to do at the park, from hiking to camping, and it's a wonderful place for kids too.

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image:Manno Pond

Manno Pond

Manno-cho/15 min. by car

This beautiful spot is actually the country's finest irrigation pond; it is said to have been created by Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Buddhism. With a perimeter of about 20km and a volume of over 15 million tons, this pond has well-earned its nickname of "Sanuki's Water Pot".

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image:Nakayama Sunflower Farm

Nakayama Sunflower Farm

Manno-cho/10 min. by car

With over 310,000 sunflowers growing in its expansive fields, Nakayama Sunflower Farm makes for an unforgettable summer panorama. People come from all over Japan, and even the world, to capture the beauty for themselves.

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image:Nakazu Banshouen

Nakazu Banshouen

Marugame City/30 min. by car

Created for the feudal lord of Marugame, this pleasure garden, complete with pond, is located in the Nakazu area of what used to be the bustling town around Marugame Castle. There is a beautiful umbrella-shaped pine bonsai tree that is said to be over 600 years old.

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image:Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin Garden

Takamatsu City/45 min. by car

As the largest of Japan's gardens of special scenic beauty, Ritsurin has captivated visitors for over 400 years. Opened to the public in 1875, the 6 ponds and 13 man-made "mountains" are a marvel of classical Japanese garden architecture. No visit to Kagawa is complete without a stop here.

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image:Mount Iinoyama (Sanuki Fuji)

Mount Iinoyama (Sanuki Fuji)

Takamatsu City/25 min. by car

Known by its nickname Sanuki Fuji, Mount Iinoyama is a popular spot with mountain climbers and nature lovers alike. The climbing trail on the southern slope is well-tended, with log stairs and even an athletic playground.

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Takamatsu City/55 min. by car

Nestled between Takamatsu and Sakaide, Goshikidai is a cluster of mountains that juts out into the Seto Inland Sea. With several scenic overlooks scattered around flat mesas, it is a popular place to see a bird's eye view of both land and sea.

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Mitoyo City/30 min. by car

Despite its unusual name, Chichibugahama has become Kagawa's most popular attraction due to its photogenic charm. This 1km long beach becomes a "sky mirror" at low tide, resembling Bolivia's Uyuni salt flats. After a huge boom on various SNS, Chichibugahama welcomes visitors from all over the world every summer.

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Mitoyo City/50 min. by car

Spring time at Shiudeyama is a breathtaking affair, with over 1000 cherry trees in full bloom. This mountain also brightens up with hydrangeas in early summer. Every season brings new beauty, but the view of the small islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea from the mountaintop is beautiful all year round. It has also been chosen in various Top Lists of the world's most beautiful scenery.

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image:Takaya Shrine, Tenku no Torii (The Floating Torii Gate)

Takaya Shrine, Tenku no Torii (The Floating Torii Gate)

Kanonji City/45 min. by car

This Shinto shrine has gained popularity in recent years as both a power spot and a place to see some amazing scenery. The "Tenku no Torii", or floating torii gate, looks like a gateway to the heavens, and gazing out over the panoramic view of Kanonji and the Seto Inland Sea is an incredible sight.

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image:Honen Dam (Honen Pond Dam)

Honen Dam (Honen Pond Dam)

Kanonji City/35 min. by car

Like something out of ancient Europe, this multiple arch dam is an impressive spot in the otherwise unassuming Japanese countryside. Every summer, water is let out of the dam during the "yurunuki" ceremony, and the thunderous sound of 4 tons of water per second flowing out into the river is a marvel.

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image:Zenigata Sand Coin

Zenigata Sand Coin

Kanonji City/35 min. by car

Situated in Kotohiki Park, the Kan'eitsuho, or Zenigata Sand Coin, is a singular attraction in Kanonji. Said to have been created in a single night as a tribute to the visiting feudal lord of Marugame, this mysterious monument has lasted over the centuries to the present day. Said to bring luck in money and business, legend has it that many people have won the lottery or come across great windfalls after a visit to the Sand Coin.

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image:Kankakei Gorge

Kankakei Gorge

Shozu-gun/Car & Ferry 2 hour 20 min.

One of Japan's nationally designated Places of Scenic Beauty, Kankakei is located within the Setonaikai National Park. Formed by volcanic activity over 13 million years ago, visitors can climb or take the scenic ropeway up to the top. In the spring, wild mountain cherry trees provide cheerful color, summer brings luscious greenery, and autumn leaves weave a tapestry of reds and yellows across the gorge. Winter visits often give a glimpse of snow covered peaks.

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Over 400 Years of History

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