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The path up to Konpira-san is lined with charming shops to explore, and Kagawa's most popular gourmet items are scattered throughout. Try delicious Oiri soft serve ice cream, or enjoy a taste of local sake at Kinryo Brewery. The prefecture's ubiquitous favorite, udon, is said to have originated in Kotohira, and what better way to try to this delectable food than by making it yourself at Nakano Udon School.







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01. Sanuki Wasanbon Sugar Candy Making Using traditional wooden molds, wasanbon, a special type of sugar known for its fine quality, is pressed into beautifully detailed shapes. These melt-in-your-mouth works of art taste best when freshly made.
02. Farm Harvest Experience Tour and TastingKagawa is known throughout Japan for its temperate and stable climate, which means delicious local produce all year round. Savoring nature's bounty right on the farm is a treat, especially for urban dwellers.
03. Rafting on the Yoshinogawa RiverShikoku's fastest river, the Yoshinogawa, is renowned internationally for its rapids. Indeed, the World Rafting Championship was held there in 2017. Experience one of the world's premiere rafting spots.

Explore Sanuki/Experiences

image:Explore Sanuki/Experiences

Nakano Udon School, Kotohira

Kotohira-cho/8 min. walk

Make real Sanuki udon under the tutelage of the experts. Start by mixing and kneading the dough; after a rest period, roll it out, cut, and boil. This 60-90 minute class ends with a delicious bowl of your very own handmade udon.

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image:Kinryo no Sato Sake Museum

Kinryo no Sato Sake Museum

Kotohira-cho/6 min. walk

Local sake producer, the Nishino Kinryo Company, created this museum with the idea of "illuminating the world of Japanese sake." With a history stretching back to the 1600s, Kinryo no Sato's buildings have been preserved nearly just as they were back then. From sake-making history and culture to manufacturing, the world of sake comes alive here. Visitors can also taste different varieties.

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image:Nishiki-ya (Wasanbon Sugar Candy Making)

Nishiki-ya (Wasanbon Sugar Candy Making)

Kotohira-cho/7 min. walk

With an elegant, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness, wasanbon has been a beloved part of Kagawa's culinary culture for over 200 years. Try your hand at making wasanbon sugar candies using antique molds. Enjoy them with some matcha.

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image:Kanamaru-za Kabuki Theater

Kanamaru-za Kabuki Theater

Kotohira-cho/10 min. walk

Built in 1835, this carefully preserved historical site is the oldest surviving playhouse in Japan. Named Kanamaru-za in 1900, it was designated an Important Cultural Property in 1970. Visitors can see backstage as well as the basement, which still has hand-operated trapdoors and a rotating stage.
*Entry fee required.

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image:Marugame Uchiwa Museum

Marugame Uchiwa Museum

Marugame City/30 min. by car

This informative museum preserves Marugame's handmade uchiwa fan culture with exhibits and a gift shop. With different types of uchiwa, dioramas, and expert craftsmen on-site, visitors can also make their own uchiwa to take home.

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image:Sky Farm

Sky Farm

Takamatsu City/40 min. by car

Taste the world's most delicious strawberries at Sky Farm. Their innovative growing methods have refined strawberry cultivation to an art form. From January to June, visitors can pick and eat their own strawberries, as well as try refreshing strawberry treats like parfaits and shaved ice.

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image:Konan Agream

Konan Agream

Takamatsu City/45 min. by car

Konan Agream is a unique hands-on agricultural center with something exciting for all ages. Visitors can try harvesting seasonal produce; for the culinarily inclined, sausage and udon making yields both fun and delicious results.

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image:Japan Dolphin Center

Japan Dolphin Center

Sanuki City/60 min. by car

Located in Sanuki City on Kagawa's eastern coast, the Japan Dolphin Center offers visitors the chance to interact with dolphins. Help with feeding or training, or even try having a swim.

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Over 400 Years of History

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