Introduction to Kotohira Kadan “Kotohira Kadan” is a traditional ryokan with 400 years of history. It is situated in the midst of a beautiful Japanese style garden. The hotel is renowned for its heartfelt service and atmosphere.
The names of distinguished writers of the past such as Ogai Mori, Hakushu Kitahara, and Akiko Yosano have been registered in the hotel book.
The big baths command a fine view of Mt. Sanuki-Fuji and Kotohira town. Kotohira has developed and flourished as a shrine town at the gates of Kotohira-gu shrine. Feel and experience the soul of Japan at Kotohira Kadan.

Kotohira Kadan offers a broad selection of accommodations to meet the needs of our guests. Some rooms overlook the town of Kotohira and others look out on the Japanese garden. Also, guests can have a unique experience in our traditional Sukiya-zukuri Japanese houses.

39 guest rooms and 3 houses
 *1 Japanese Western Suite with Open-air Bath
 *3 Japanese Western style rooms with Open-air Bath
 *4 Japanese rooms with Open-air Bath
 *3 Twin rooms with Open-air Bath
 *2 Japanese Western Suites
 *3 Twin rooms
 *1 Triple room
 *22 Japanese style rooms
 *3 Sukiya-zukuri Japanese houses
traditional and contemporary rooms

konpira hotspring The Konpira Spa is located in Kotohira Town. The town is famous for Kotohira-gu Shrine and Konpira Kabuki (Kabuki is a form of Japanese theater in which elaborately costumed male performers use stylized movements, dances, and songs in order to enact tragedies and comedies). The water of this hot spring is rich in calcium and sodium, which makes it gentle to the skin and is said to have a beautifying effect for the skin. The onsen water is good for the relief and/or treatment of neuralgia, muscle pain, articular pain, frozen shoulder, sprains, fatigue and overall health.

Eating is the highlight of a stay at Kotohira Kadan. Surrounded by nature, local ingredients are fully enjoyed in Kagawa. Fish, crab, shrimp and shellfish from the Setouchi Sea (Inland Sea) as well as Sanuki cochin, beef, pork and Sanuki Udon are also ingredients of Setouchi Cuisine. Enjoy the specialty foods of Kagawa at Kotohira Kadan. setouchi cuisine

access information By air and bus
Approx. 2 hours from Tokyo
Haneda Airport > Takamatsu Airport > Kinkuu Bus: Approx. 39 min. > Kotohira Kadan

By train
Approx. 2 hours from Osaka
JR Shin-Osaka Station > Okayama > JR Kotohira Station
Approx. 3 hours from Fukuoka
JR Hakata Station > Okayama > JR Kotohira Station

*Pick up service is available from JR Kotohira Station to Kotohira Kadan (a reservation is necessary).

Kotohira Kadan

Adress: 1241-5 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Pref. Japan
Zip code: 766-0001
TEL: +81-877-75-3232
FAX: +81-877-75-3235
Access: 15 minutes walk from JR Kotohira Station
Closest IC: About 15 minutes ride from Zentsuji IC

Kotohira Kadan

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